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EAF provides a safe and confidential monthly forum for our members to meet, tackle issues and share solutions with the peer advisory process.  It's not theory, it's reality.   All of our meetings and content are unique, relevant and timely.

8/4/20  EAF EB I Meeting: 2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Video Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec Frank Largusa, CEO - Semano Inc., Critical Isssues plus Featured Presentation; "FBI Update: "Prioritizing Criminal Cases and Deploying Resourdes" with Northern California Special AGent in Charge Jack Bennett.  Jack will present what and how FBI resources are adapting to the changes and levels of crime in the Bay Area and throughout the US.  From election meddling, social media fake accounts distributing false information, multi-jurisdictional crimes, domestic terrorism and contending with the media and perceptions.

9/1/20  EAF EBI Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location: Virtual Video Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec Lee Eliseian, President/CEO of IFTI, Critical Issues plus Featured Presentation "Social Media & Mass Communications" with Mathew Cabot, SJSU Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications.   Like it or not, Social Media is influencing what we perceive as real or fake information.  It influences decisions made by ourselves and others and it is being used positively and negatively around the world.  Dr. Cabot will discuss the many methods being implemented to deliver messages by individuals, organizations and nations and how to differentiate relevancy and accuracy.

10/3/20  EAF EBI Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Video Meeting:   Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Critical Issues plus Featured Presentation "The Power of Identity" with Author Bill Wiersma.  Bill, the author of several books including the best seller "The Power of Professionalism" will share what he learned during his research for his latest book, that Identity both as it's defined for oneself as well as how it's projected to others has never been more important than in the era of social media.   Bill will demonstrate through case studies that the real magic of identity lies in its unique ability to ignite one's value system in an extremely personal way.   Bill's case studies include both quantifiable and qualifiable evidence that have a plan of action on claiming our identity pays dividends in many ways.

11/3/20   EAF EBI Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Video Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Critical Issues plus Featured Presentation" An Economy Like One We've Never Seen Before" with Economist Cynthia Kroll.   Cynthia will share her observations about how the economic situation we're experienced these past few months is not like any other in the past.   As the Former Chief Economist for the Association of Bay Area Governments, Cynthia brings a unique prespective to the situation we face here in the Bay Area and on the West Coast.

Executive Leadership Academy: Available January 2020.   A comprehensive 12 month Leadership Development educational program for existing and emerging leaders.  

To Request an Invitation please contact us at or 925-708-4560 

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