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EAF provides a safe and confidential monthly forum for our members to meet, tackle issues and share solutions with the peer advisory process.  It's not theory, it's reality.   All of our meetings and content are unique, relevant and timely.

1/5/2021   EAF EB I Meeting  2:30-5:30  Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Reflections on 2020 & Plans for 2021 from All Members,  Critical Issues plus Featured Presentation "The Predictive Index" with Barry Shulman.   Each member will be sent a link to take the online assessment and will have a personal scheduled call with Barry prior to the January 5th meeting to discuss their own results.  During the general presentation, Barry will highlite how this tool can help minimize hiring mistakes and build stronger, more productive teams.

2/2/2021  EAF EB I Meeting  2:30-5:30  Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec Dave Babcock of Dave Babcock & Associates,  Critical Issues + Featured Presentation " Healthier, Happier, Fitter Life" with Mitch Kahn.  Mitchis a personal trainer and fat loss expert & body transformation specialist who changed his life, is off all meds and now helps others be the best version of themselves.  He is a Master Personal Trainer and holds certifications from the National Fed. of Personal Trainers, American Council on Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Sports Performance Associaton, Plan-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and a BS in psychology.  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Mitch will be joining us virtually in California to share his expertise and advice.

3/2/2021  EAF EB I Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Critical Issues + Featured Presentation "Social Media/Big Tech Section 230 Explained with Professor Eric Goldman. Enacted in 2996 as part of the Communications Decency Act (DCA) without much objection if any, is a piece of internet legislation that is the Internet's more important andmisunderstoon law.  The recent Twitter and Facebook decisions to bar users from their platforms has energized both sides of the situation.  Professor Goldman, an Internet Law Professor at Santa Clara University will explain the law and the implications of keeping it or modifying it.

Executive Leadership Academy: Available January 2021.   A comprehensive 12 month Leadership Development educational program for existing and emerging leaders.  

To Request an Invitation please contact us at ann@executiveadvisoryforum.com or 925-708-4560 

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