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EAF provides a safe and confidential monthly forum for our members to meet, tackle issues and share solutions with the peer advisory process.  It's not theory, it's reality.

7/3/18  EAF EB I Meeting  2:00-5:30  Location - JP Morgan Chase Bank, 1390 S. Main St. 2nd Floor, Walnut Creek, Ca. Parking Lot.   Agenda includes Intro of New Members, Focus Exec David Babcock of Babcock & Associates, Critical Isses + Featured Presentation "Sport Psychology Applied to Business" with Professor Fernando Lopez from JFK University.  Professor Lopez will describe how sport psychology if being utilized by the Olympic athletes and teams, the US Army and businesses for performance enhancement.

8/7/18  EAF EB I Meeting  2:00-5:30  Location - California Bank of Commerce,  3595 Mt. Diablo Blvd. 2nd Floor, Lafayette, Ca.  Lot & Garage Parking.  Agenda includes Intro of New Members, Focus Exec Larry Lippow, CEO of Lippow Development Co, Critical Issues + Featured Presentation "Polarity in Politics and How It Affects Business"

7/12/18  Annual EAF Summer Dinner at Round Hill Country Club.   Please contact us for more information.

To Request an Invitation please contact us at or 925-708-4560 

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Learn from current Executive Advisory Forum (EAF) members why they choose EAF for their leadership development. This 2 minute video explains what makes EAF peer advisory groups so effective.

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CEO, Ann Blackburn shares her vision of the Executive Advisory Forum (EAF). Learn what EAF is all about in this 2 minute video.

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In this 90-second video, CEOs share their first-hand experience of working with the Executive Advisory Forum and the benefits they have received.

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EAF featured presenters are thought leaders and experts in their domains. Here are 2 short videos of EAF speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise.