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EAF provides a safe and confidential monthly forum for our members to meet, tackle issues and share solutions with the peer advisory process.  It's not theory, it's reality.   All of our meetings and content are unique, relevant and timely.

5/4/21   EAF EB I Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Larry Lippow, CEO of Lippow Development Co., Critical Issues + Featured Presentaton "The Highly Volatile & Changing Investment Situation" with Bill Butler, Managing Director of City Private Bank.   Bill will discuss the changing methods of investing and how the GameStop occurrence which was initially an outlier, may signal a change in how investments on Wall Street are handled in the future.   Essentially, how money works for and against us if we don't understand the game and the rules.

6/1/2021  EAF EB I Meeting   2:30-5:30   Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec Teresa Mason of Collins Mason CPA's, , Critical Issues + Featured Presentation "Systems Thinking and Cause/Effect Relationships" with Professor Georgia Perkey of Unversity of Arizona.   Professor Perkey will describe how systems thinking is critical to future planning and innovation.   The pace of change is creating the necessity for organizations to develop the ability to coninuously assess their market, industry, company, resource allocaitons, perceptions, reputations and the myriad of other complexities to succeed in today's global work environment.  The technology changes along with the now remote working conditions are changing and businesses must adapt.

6/9.2021   Annual EAF Summer Dinner with Members and Guests:   5:00-10:00 PM.   Location:  EAF Headquarters 

7/6/2021   EAF EB I Meeting  2:30-5:30   Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Scott Schreiman, Paylocity, Critical Issues + Featured Presentation "Optimized Sleep" with Riley Jarvis.   Riley is the Founder of "The Sleep Consultant" in Chicago, Ill.  Riley will share his unique approach to helping clients achieve the best possible sleep.  His techniques include lab tests, hormone profiling, cortisol testing and brain neurotransmitter measurements to help client maximize their sleep and improve productivity.

8/3/2021  EAF EB I Meeting   2:30-5:30  Location:  Virtual Zoom Meeting:  Agenda includes Member Focus Exec, Critical Issues + Featured Presenation "The Future of Work" with Daria Lamb of the Institute of the Future.  Daria will share her expertise in working with private and public sector companies in scenario planning for the future so they are best equipped contend with the ever changing landscape of the future.


Executive Leadership Academy: Available January 2021.   A comprehensive 12 month Leadership Development educational program for existing and emerging leaders.  

To Request an Invitation please contact us at ann@executiveadvisoryforum.com or 925-708-4560 

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